Pewabic Pottery

Pewabic is a working pottery studio, education center and gallery store located on Detroit's east side. The rich creative community has jump started the ceramic careers of hundreds of potters, ceramic artists and tile artists during its 118 year history. Visitors to the pottery can shop two floors of ceramic vases and tiles made at the pottery, as well as the work of independent artists from across North America. This virtual exhibition features the work of several current Pewabic staff members as well as two new Pewabic releases — vases in our Copper Iridescent glaze and our Hex Paperweight tile. 

Pewabic Pottery
Hex Paperweight, 2020
Available: $68
Pewabic Pottery
Copper Iridescent Vases, 2020
Available: $76
Brett Gray
Tower Vase, 2019
Available: $375
Andrew Kail
Geometric Design Bowl Set, 2020
Available: $158
Steven Kin
Jug and Cup Set, 2020
Available: $160
José Arenivar-Gómez
Set of Four Cups, 2020
Available: $140
Kevin Kwiatowski
Fleet Member Vase, 2019
Available: $110
Annie Dennis
Wood Fired Bottle Set, 2021
Available: $228