Dickerson Art Gallery

Welcome!  Dickerson Art Gallery has assembled the works of some of the areas most unique artists, featuring a variety of media. We hope you will stop by often to enjoy the collection, see what’s new, and find that artwork you just can’t live without.

Andrew Ross Evans
Murderous Crow, 2018
Available: $100
Durwood Coffey
Sumatran Tigers, 2017
Available: $3,250
Jon LangeAfter teh S
After the Storm, 2015
Available: $1,500
Mark krecic
Vessel, 2016
Available: $525
Paul Zenian
Open Door, 2012
Available: $2,300
Marcia Polenberg
Loving Couple, 2018
Available: $1,500
Ted Ramsay
Kid Cat Kayak, 2010
Available: $350
Mireille Ripley
Brasserie, Boulanyerie, Patisserie, 2017
Available: $4,200