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BIG INK Exhibition of Large Woodblock Prints

Color | Ink Studio and BIG INK are collaborating to present an exhibition of large woodblock prints curated from BIG INK’s unique print collection. These works showcase the diversity and range of contemporary woodblock printmaking by 22 artists from around the U.S. and Canada. The entire exhibition can be viewed online at or by appointment in Color | Ink Studio’s gallery at 20919 John R in Hazel Park. The exhibit runs through August 14.

“This exhibition of large-scale woodblock prints is the first of its kind in the metropolitan Detroit area,” according to Gallery Director Candace Law. “The monumental size of these prints is amazing—the smallest is 24” x 36” and the largest is 72” x 36”—and the creative energy and skill on display is nothing short of breathtaking.”

The woodblock print, or woodcut, has a long history as a medium for creative expression dating back to 3rd century China. A woodblock is essentially a hand-carved stamp made through a process of elimination. First, an artist traces or draws a design onto a wood panel. Areas to show in 'white' are cut away with a chisel, leaving the image to show in 'black' at the original surface level. The woodblock is coated with ink, and paper is pressed against it by hand. Large woodblocks require a specialized machine, either an etching or platen press, to exert enough force to produce a quality impression.

“The contemporary printmakers represented in the exhibition use the same historical techniques,” says Candace Law, “but take widely varied approaches. Some use realistic imagery, and for some the work is very abstract. Yet each artist shapes the medium to their individual aesthetic and voice to express something unique for themselves and for the viewer.”

Call for Entries | Deadline August 9

A printing event will follow the exhibition in mid-October for any artists who are interested in carving a woodblock of at least 24 by 36 inches. Visual artists are invited to apply for the event with BIG INK. No experience is required, and emerging, mid-career and established artists are encouraged to submit their design idea. Upon acceptance, artists have two months to carve their design. BIG INK will be at Color | Ink Studio for the woodblock printing event on October 16-17, where the artists will meet and help each other print as a group. The application deadline is August 9, 2021. For more information about the event and to apply, visit

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    Color | Ink Studio, located in Hazel Park, MI, is a working visual art and photography studio and gallery space that exhibits contemporary art by local, regional, and national artists and offers workshops and other events for the Detroit-area arts community. The principals are Candace Law, a visual artist who works primarily in encaustic and mixed media, and Eric Law, a fine art and commercial photographer.

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Mary Stevenson Keefe
"Way Back Home", 42" x 30"
Available: $450
Ali Keller
"This One Has a Basement", 50" x 33"
Available: $400
Maggie Scotilla
"Rooted", 24" x 36"
Available: $350
Duncan McDaniel
"Light Cast", 36" x 24"
Available: $300
Kathleen Wynn
"D Train", 36" x 24"
Available: $350
Ashley Quick
"Canyons of the Escalante", 24" x 36"
Available: $380
Jennifer Garrison
"Big Ole Plyers", 48" x 24"
Available: $450
Elizabeth Harple
"Bellavista", 36" x 24"
Available: $250