"AMANECER de ACUARIO," Curated by Cristina Tufiño

Film Screening

Tuesday, June 29 - Wed, June 30
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET

Red Bull Arts will present AMANECER de ACUARIO, a screening series of work from seven Puerto Rican artists and filmmakers: Macha Colón (Gisela Rosario Ramos), Oswaldo Colón, Sofía Gallisá Muriente, Andrea Narvaez, Alex Ramos, and Pablo Santiago. Curated by Red Bull Arts Detroit Resident Artist Cristina Tufiño, AMANECER de ACUARIO takes its name from the work of legendary Puerto Rican queer icon Walter Mercado (a.k.a. Shanti Ananda). The featured films explore shared themes of pleasure and precariousness on the island and, when seen together, act as a sober examination of Puerto Rico's political landscape while allowing for a celebration of the creative freedom, resilience and hope offered by its artist community.

Dancing at the End of the World ( 2018)
11 minutes 49 seconds  |  English  |  English Subtitles
By Cristina Tufiño

An unfinished film project started just after Hurricane Maria hit the island in 2017. The short film explores the life of a female  artist working towards a painting show but finding herself in existential and romantic crisis while struggling with a complicated relationship with her studio assistant who simply mimics her in order to complete the work.

Wednesdays at the Jamaat (2017)
10 minutes, 26 seconds  |  Spanish
By Sofia Gallisa Muriente

A visual survey of the mosque inside the Jamaat al Muslimeen and Madressa compound, commonly known as the site where in 1990 a group of young Muslim men planned a coup to overthrow the government of Trinidad and Tobago. By looking closely at the mundane-- the political and historical implications of space are evoked.

El Hombre Que Nadie Conoció / The Man Who No One Knew (2019)
Film  |  29 minutes 54 seconds  |  Spanish  |  English Subtitles
By Oswaldo Colón Ortiz

The Man No One Knew is an intimate look at Enriquelo, the queer owner of a flea market, devout Catholic and street artist. This documentary portrait is a moving and funny insight into the life of a man best known around town as a character. We follow his work routine and learn of his ethics and artistic inclinations, ultimately revealing a far more complex person that has come to terms with himself through performance.

Jugo de Guanábana (2021)
Film  |  33 minutes 26 seconds  |  Spanish  |  English Subtitles
By Andrea Narvaez

Tony is a young nuyorican who is visiting his mother in Puerto Rico. After noticing Tony’s behavior and addiction she offers to help. Jugo de guanábana is a video about addiction, attachment and identity. 

Anthony Legrand, professional (2018)
Film  |  27 minutes 24 seconds  |  Spanish  |  English Subtitles
By Macha Colón (Gisela Rosario Ramos)

Anthony Legrand is an unforgettable character, better known as 'Tony', a 72 years old dandy who has always lived off his physical beauty. He has only one commitment, every night at 8:30 p.m., Anthony waits at home to answer the phone call of his partner and  "sugar daddy", of more than 50 years.

Fernando Doesn’t Surf Anymore (2008)
Film  |  36 minutes 57 seconds  |  Spanish  |  English Subtitles
By Alex Ramos

Fernando Doesn’t Surf Anymore” is a sick and twisted tale of a young artist’s harrowing journey into carnage and vigilantism in his hometown, Bayamón. This hateful little man will do anything to become an icon of his era. 

Factual Video About Plaza Las Americas (2018)
Film  |  5 minutes 5 seconds  |  Spanish  |  English Subtitles
By AIMBOT (Pablo Santiago)

A brief history of the automated expansion of Plaza Las Americas, its sleeping King Mr Fonalledas. Scifi Proposal of a Puerto Rican mall, its familial business history, theoretical future stores and ultimate collapse.