Simone DeSousa Gallery

Simone DeSousa Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and project located in Cass Corridor, Midtown Detroit, since 2008. The gallery, which also includes an EDITION space, has presented more than 100 exhibitions in the past years, including works by local and international emerging and mid-career artists, and has played a pivotal role in supporting contemporary art and design in Detroit.   

Jova Lynne
The Magician 2, 2018
Available: $1,800
Neha Vedpathak
Sun-Bloom, 2020
Available: $6,000
Kylie Lockwood
Broken lower leg with its pieces being held inside the knee, 2019
Available: $4,500
Tyanna Buie
I'm Speaking, 2021
Available: $2,000
Michael Luchs
Untitled (Rabbit), 2019
Available: $5,800
Iris Eichenberg
Darker, 2019
Available: $6,000
Mark Newport
Mend 4, 2016
Available: $5,000
James Collins
Untitled, 2021
Available: $4,000