Scarab Club

The Scarab Club is an anchor arts organization in Detroit's Cultural Center, where area artists can exhibit, perform, and build community through their work. Founded in 1907 by a group of artists and art enthusiasts and housed in a unique 1928 building, the Scarab Club actively promotes and develops local visual arts, music, performance, and literature through its original programming and community partnerships. 

Diana Alva
Acceptance and Reflection, Dreamscape Series, 2020
Available: $1,000
Robert Beras
Dream 38, 2018
Available: $475
Kristen Canda
Dishwasher, 2020
Available: $975
Rita Dickerson
Spirit of Raymond, 2016
Available: $3,000
Michael Anthony Garguilo
Everybody Wants to be Caesar (Dog Pile!), 2018
Available: $3,500
Sajeev Vadakoottu Visweswaran
Fruit 1, 2020
Available: $750
Carl Wilson
Getting to the Bottom of It, 2014
Available: $850
Elizabeth Youngblood
Loop 8, 2013
Available: $1,100