Public Pool

The dive-bar gallery of Detroit - a community-based art space located in Hamtramck,  giving creatives a platform and promoting accessibility of artwork. Public Pool has been in operation for over 10 years, run by a group of artistic-minded volunteers.

Brian Krawczyk
Hog Butcher, 2020
Available: $900
Mary Fortuna
Turtle Mask, 2021
Not for Sale
Miranda Clark
stay + play, 2020
Not for Sale
Scott Northrup
EGBDF, 2021
Not for Sale
Victoria Ashley Shaheen
I Never Could Eat Eel, 2020
Available: $2,100
Maria Prainito-Winczner
Queen V, 2021
Available: $500
Justin Marshall
Jay Dees Mart, 2020
Available: $1,000
Brian H. Newman aka Lokye
BHN Knickā€™s vs Pistons, 2021
Available: $1,500