Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

MOCAD 2021 Exhibition Program: Limited Edition Print Set

Featuring limited edition risograph prints from Black Art Library, Leni Sinclair, Olivia Guterson, as well as Dual Vision exhibiting artist pairs Adam Lee Miller + Nicola Kuperus (ADULT.), Sterling Toles + Nate Mullen, and Katheryn Brackett Luchs + Michael Luchs.

Works available exclusively as set of six (6) individual  prints — Full set: $200.00 USD.

Adam Lee Miller + Nicola Kuperus (ADULT.)
Exterior Face Fa├žade (with interior switches), 2020/2021
Available: $200
Sterling Toles + Nate Mullen
The Things We Must Do, 2021
Available: $200
Black Art Library
Black Art Library, 2021
Available: $200
Leni Sinclair
Fela Kuti at Orchestra Hall, Detroit, 1986/2021
Available: $200
Katheryn Brackett Luchs + Michael Luchs
Moth (Pink), 2020/2021
Available: $200
Olivia Guterson
Untitled, 2021
Available: $200