Library Street Collective


Curated by Darryl DeAngelo Terrell

"In This House" considers the home as our first space where we learn critical thinking; a place where we learn our voice and the things that we value. Within that space, we are allowed to exist freely. The artists presented examine ideas of identity, rest, labor, family legacy, and craft, all while using the domestic space as a site of influence.

Across the US and within the domestic spaces of black femmes, the walls of the home become a young artist’s first gallery, a place that could be recognized as a family museum. It displays family heirlooms of quilts, passed-down garments, photos of yesteryear, paintings bought from local artists, swap meets, and community gatherings. This is where art is first seen in crucial early years, fostering the artist in their development.

The 7 artists selected for Art Mile are exploring artistic techniques that were born in this space and could be found on the walls, exploring notions of personal narrative, family, ancestral lineage, and selfhood.

Cydney Camp
Juneteenth (Teenth), 2020
Available: $3,000
Qualeasha Wood
Love and Basketball, 2019
Available: $15,000
Laura Gibson
Laura Gibson, 2020
Available: $2,250
Morgan Bouldes
Ingers First Baby, 2021
Available: $3,000
Deja Milany
Cross Roads, 2020
Available: $3,000
Bree Gant
Visionary of Vessels / What the water gave me?, 2017
Available: $2,500
Taylor Childs
Bathroom Sanctuary, 2021
Available: $3,000