KickstART Gallery

KickstART Gallery opened in November 2019 and is a space operated by KickstART Farmington, a community nonprofit arts organization in Farmington and Farmington Hills. KickstART Farmington aims to build community through the arts and support a vibrant arts scene by promoting the work of area artists and developing events, such as the annual Greater Farmington Film Festival.

KickstART Gallery features work by Michigan-based artists with a focus on artists in the Detroit-area, and presents 8-10 exhibitions a year.  

Steve Rubin
Blue on Blue, 2019
Available: $800
Lisa Alberts
Acute Onset no. 10 ((SELF) Preservation), 2020
Available: $700
Molly McNeece
Walleye, 2021
Available: $650
Mary Lou Stropoli
Jellies Over Farmland, 2021
Available: $450
Gail Borowski
Anemone, 2019
Available: $525
Pamela Alexander
Moondance, 2018
Available: $700
Jim Fetter
In God We Trust (Valley Church), 2016?
Available: $2,400