DSC Galleries

DSC Galleries are a permanent space located on the second floor of Detroit Shipping Company in Midtown Detroit. Our mission is to strengthen the Detroit arts community by increasing exposure for local emerging artists and, at the same time, connect our audience with work that will inspire, challenge, and entertain. Our viewing room with ArtMile celebrates the bold street art aesthetic that excites our customers and speaks to the Detroit art community.

Mark Sarmel
The Turquoise Queen, 2020
Available: $550
Kyle Irving
Build on Old, 2019
Available: $550
Joseph Portelli
Not for Long, 2020
Available: $325
Alyssa Klash
The High Priestess, 2019
Available: $325
Nick PizaƱa
Barky, 2021
Available: $400
Rosa Maria Zamarron
I asked her what brought her to Paris, 2014
Available: $1,200
Split Personalities, 2021
Available: $650
Stephanie Chisholm
Good God, All Mighty!, 2020
Available: $100