Art Mile is pleased to present ARTWORK, a special exhibition showcasing works of art made by Detroit’s art workers, organized by Art Mile Guest Curators Tizziana Baldenebro and Jova Lynne.

"Art workers are at the heart of the creative world. They educate, organize, pack, ship, plan for, administer, document, and tend to exhibitions and artists. They are the foundation that allows Detroit to be the vanguard of the art world. What makes the role of the art worker unique is that they are often artists themselves, who know all too well the intricacies of creative practice from start to finish. This exhibition presents the works of art made by Detroit’s art workers. Few people encounter and know art like they do, surrounded as they are by art which inspires and motivates them after hours. Navigating the formal and informal means of art production, these artists construct new models for practice. They band together behind the scenes to create the rich tapestry of an unseen art world. Their art trades typically exist outside of the traditional economies of the art market, driven as their exchanges are by barter and kinship. We present them here not only as art workers, but also as capital ‘A’ Artists." — Tizziana Baldenebro and Jova Lynne.

Artists: Jose Arevinar-Gomez, Shingo Brown, Jetshri Bhadviya, Alphonso Cox, Lorena Cruz, Chelsea Flowers, Tim Johnson, Lauren Kalman, Megan Major, Shelly McMahon, Sabrina Nelson, Vanessa Reynolds, Casey Sayer-Brooks, Darryl Terrell, Wade Tullier, Bre’ann White, Graem Whyte

Vanessa Reynolds
Joy Remembers (VIDEO), 2020
Available: $500
Darryl Terrell
With Expensive Taste…That’s It…Ain’t Shit Broke Round Here, 2019
Available: $1,500
Jetshri Bhadviya
Manifestations of the Ipseity (VIDEO), 2015
Lauren Kalman
But if the Crime is Beautiful..., 2014
Available: $2,400
Chelsea A. Flowers
The Conversation (VIDEO), 2020
Tim M. Johnson
Butterflies, 2018-2020
Lorena Cruz
A Number in the System (VIDEO), 2016
Shingo Brown
Detroit Hustle/ On The Floor, 2020