333 Midland

333 Midland and the Annex Gallery are an artist centric studio and gallery complex located in Highland Park, Michigan, an enclave city surrounded by Detroit. The appeal of the architecture, the site, its location and the history of what survived are important aspects of 333 Midland’s character. We are working to grow the geographic footprint of the arts in Detroit by creating a vibrant studio and gallery complex in Highland Park.

This unique artist development houses 20 studios of various sizes offering our artists the opportunity to create large scale works. Common areas can accommodate special projects and events. Gallery space is available to our artists and visiting artists. 333 Midland currently hosts 24 artists.

Robert Piatek
Out of The Mist, 2021
Available: $2,700
Michael Ross
#4 Ram Dass, 2021
Available: $4,500
Anita Schmaltz
The Wolf Keeps Changing, 2020
Available: $1,650
Jan Brown
Rust #4, 2021
Available: $3,000
Ann Smith
Finer Points on Isolation, 2020
Available: $3,500
Foster Willey
Great River, 2017
Available: $14,000
Pat Duff
A Chaotic World, 2021
Available: $1,000
Pat Duff
A Daughter’s Love, 2021
Available: $1,000